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Specialty Perforating has complete engineering, mechanical, and tooling capabilities in-house. Our engineers expertly design, build, program, and maintain all of the machinery and tooling required to produce quality soft-goods perforated products. Our high-speed, computer-controlled presses perforate holes, registrations, and patterns to customer specifications.

Engineering Better Soft Goods Perforating

CNC Machinery

EDM Machinery

CAD/CAM Programming

Multiple Presses:  Widths up to 72”

Material Thickness:  .001” to .030”

Hole Diameters:  .015” to 1.00”

Hole Patterns:  Numerous standard or custom designs

Open Area:  Up to 50%

Stamping:  Die Cutting, Cut-out, Embossing

Tear Perforations:  36” wide, any distance between tears

Slitting:  Before or after perforation

Sheeting:  36” wide, any length

Rewinding:  Any core size, widths to 54”, 40” OD

Laminating:  Widths to 60”



The perforating experts at Specialty Perforating can work with you to provide creative solutions to perforating challenges. Our experience in perforating a variety of media and our ability to custom build perforating machines make Specialty Perforating unique.


Our consulting is offered on an hourly basis to improve existing products, launch new products, or improve an existing process. For over 35 years we have successfully invented perforation equipment, launched innovative products, and overcome many perforation challenges.


Contact us with perforation projects that require our experience and expertise. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.


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