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“Green” Energy Technology and Perforated Products

The perforating technology used by Specialty Perforating is an emerging and adaptive form of Green Energy Technology. Our perforated materials are used for a wide variety of products that function to control energy. Controlling energy flow leads to energy efficiency, a primary motivation for implementation of green energy technologies.


These numerous perforated products function to filter, absorb, and/or diffuse various forms of energy or media. The many different products also function to enclose, divide, decorate, or ventilate physical entities.


Our products will continue to expand with the developing technologies related to Green Energy, i.e., biomedical, agriculture, and aerospace. We have only “scratched the surface” of possibilities for the use of perforated products in green energy applications.


Review the markets below and the applications for “ENERGY CONTROL”           GREEN TECHNOLOGY

Green MARKETS Developing = Specialty Perforating


  • Acoustical – panels/surfaces for noise absorption/abatement

  • Wall Coveringsnoise absorption/abatement

  • Filtration

  • Ventilation/Aeration

  • One-way Vision  Shades – heat and glare reduction

  • One-Way Vision Film - Security/Privacy (can see out/cannot see in)

  • One-Way Vision Film - advertisements, art, etc. displayed on outside

  • Architectural - perforated materials for energy control

  • Biomedical -filtration, absorption, ventilation, etc.

  • Clean-room Products - filtration, absorption, ventilation, etc.

  • Automotive - filtration, absorption, ventilation, etc.

  • Aerospace - filtration, absorption, ventilation, etc.

  • Agricultural - filtration, absorption, ventilation, etc.

  • Food Packaging - filtration, absorption, ventilation, etc.

  • Inventive/Emerging Technologies

  • Custom Uses


We invite you to call (704) 872-9980 or (704) 878-3982 for a consultation. We are respected for over 35 years of custom problem-solving abilities.


We are embarking on a new application of our perforation process as specialists in energy control. Specialty Perforating is proud to be involved in the “Green Revolution” and part of the positive efforts to “SAVE OUR PLANET”!

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