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Perforated Products

In addition to materials used in graphic imagery, Specialty Perforating perforates materials for a wide variety of other products. Such products include acoustical panels and surfaces, filtration products, food packaging products, clean-room components, biomedical products, and many more. These numerous products function to filter, absorb, and/or diffuse various forms of energy and/or media. The many different products also function to enclose, divide, decorate and/or ventilate physical entities.


Our products will continue to expand with the emerging technologies of various industries, i.e., energy, biomedical, agriculture, and aerospace, to name a few. If you can invent it or imagine it, we can produce it!  


Many of the technologies pioneered by Specialty Perforating have patents in place, as well as, patents pending.

Specialty Perforating specializes in servicing the following industries and producing products for:

•Acoustical – panels/surfaces for noise absorption/abatement

•Wall Coverings – noise absorption/abatement

•“Green” Energies – heat and glare reduction

•Filtration , Filtration for media control

•Filtration for energy preservation



•One-Way Vision Film | One-way advertisements | One Way vision for vehicles

•Signage- One-way banners and film

•Architectural- artistic one-way windows

•Entertainment- movie theatre screens and seat/speaker coverings

•Biomedical- inflatable beds, wound bandages, perforated burn care bandages

•Clean-room Products | Clean room ventilation

& filtration

•Automotive- acoustical and diffusion materials for automotive

•Aerospace- wieght reducing materials

•Agricultural- shaker bags for fertilizer, grass seed

•Food Packaging - food packaging with ventilation

•Inventive/Emerging Technologies

•Custom Uses


If you don’t see your industry listed, we invite you to call (704) 872-9980 for a consultation. We are respected for over 35 years of custom problem-solving abilities.


Specialty Perforating does not offer printing services, but we will gladly refer you to printers and/or distributors.

Specialty Perforating specializes in soft good materials. For a list of materials we work with, visit our materials page.

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