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One-Way Vision Perforated Window Films

Specialty Perforating pioneered the technology of one-way vision graphics. This product is perforated vinyl film that allows advertisers to resourcefully turn window surfaces, such as the side of an all glass building or the side of a city bus, into innovative canvases of creative graphics for promotional and/or marketing purposes.


Our patented one-way vision vinyl technology provides the capability to print eye-catching, full-color images on flexible material that adheres to windows. Viewers on the outside of the window see the image clearly while those inside have an unobstructed view to the outside. This window film enables drivers to safely maneuver their mobile billboards around a crowded city and enables office workers to enjoy the sights while their building advertises services at the same time.


Our window films are versatile and can be perforated or not perforated with an interior or exterior mount. The added bonus is that Specialty Perforating has developed and patented its own film and laminating materials and processes for one-way vision imagery that make our products superior to our competitors. With their endless applications in marketing, advertising, and signage, our one-way vision vinyl and one-way window film products are sure to exceed your expectations.


Highlights of Specialty Perforating One-Way Vision Film

• Provides prominent advertising opportunities using available media space

• Provides security and privacy

• Reduces solar heat and glare (Green Product!)

• Offers numerous perforation patterns and sizes

• Provides up to 50% of open space with clear graphic resolution

• Provides up to 50% of open space with clear one-way visibility

• Prints, installs, and removes easily

• Offers patented films, laminating materials, and processes

• Offers products superior to our competitors

• Provides quality superior to our competitors

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