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Quality Control & Best Practices

Customer satisfaction is the focus of Specialty Perforating This priority is reflected in the consistent on-time delivery of cost-effective, quality products. We take pride in producing products that are superior to our competitors because of our attention to detail and “quality second to none.”


Specialty Perforating has developed and implemented a quality control system based on a process approach emphasizing the importance of continual improvement assessed through objective measurement while providing added value for our customers. Our procedures and processes document the company’s best business practices, monitor performance objectives, and address regulatory requirements. This quality system enables us to better satisfy customer requirements and expectations.


Quality Control Guarantee

•  Expert inventory control

•  Just-in-time delivery

•  Superior quality

•  Attention to detail

•  Customization

•  Prompt and courteous service

•  Added value for customers

Specialty Perf-7105.jpg

Specialty Perforating has developed a quality system that is compliant with ISO 9001:2015

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